Enhanced Benefits for Your Comfort and Care at PrivaMedis Concierge Medicine

These services are not covered by Medicare and are not typically covered by other insurance plans.

24/7 direct communications. During office hours, your calls will be answered live with no recordings to navigate. After hours, you will have easy and direct communications with your physician for urgent issues, by personal cell phone, email or text message. However, for emergencies, always call 911 first.

Less time waiting. You’ve spent enough time in waiting rooms... We want you to have a comfortable experience from the moment you walk through the door. This includes a welcoming reception area to make your wait feel like nothing at all. At times there won’t even be any waiting, your physician will be ready to see you.

Personalized care team. We take pride in our commitment to personalized care. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff share this commitment and are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of medical services.

Preventative care. We know that health is more than a lack of illness - which is why PrivaMedis offers preventative health services like physicals and screenings to help manage your health before it becomes an issue.

Same-day appointments. You will be seen by one of our physicians as early as the same day, for acute visits.

Longer appointments. Your Comprehensive Annual Health Assessment appointments will be scheduled for 60 minutes and all other appointments for approximately 30 minutes.

Extended office hours. If an occasional visit outside of our usual office hours is needed, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Personalized hospital care. Should you require an emergency room visit or hospitalization at Mount Sinai Medical Center, we will work to expedite your admission process and have primary medical responsibility for your hospital care. It is our intent that you will not be cared for by a hospitalist.

House calls. If you are unable to come to the office, in-home visits are available as fee for service, on a case-by-case basis at our discretion.

Priority medical referrals. Our staff will work to obtain immediate referrals to specialists, usually within 48 hours.

Strong focus on preventive medicine and wellness. Our philosophy is to educate you about your personal medical needs and risks. We will assess your level of fitness, provide weight management guidance, and recommend an appropriate wellness plan.

“Virtual” consultations and long distance care. Whether you are on a brief vacation, living some of the year in a second residence or otherwise unable to come to the office, we offer a “virtual” consultation as determined on a case-by-case basis. If we recommend that you see a local physician, we will continue to communicate with you directly, as well as with your treating physician, to support the coordination of your care.

Care for visiting relatives and/or friends. Should your out-of-town family or friends become ill during a visit to the Miami area, we will be happy to see them in our office and assist with their medical care.

Remote care. If you are in an independent or skilled nursing facility, we will remain involved with your care by communicating with the attending doctors and/or nurses.

Travel medicine consultation. We offer guidance on CDC recommended inoculations and/or precautions to be taken while traveling.

Quarterly newsletter on topics relevant to your health and well-being. We will provide seasonal newsletters on medical subjects of interest.

Aesthetics services. As a member of our concierge practice, you will receive courtesy discounts and promotions for PrivaMedis Aesthetics and Wellness treatments, procedures and products.

Comprehensive Annual Health Assessment. In our ongoing efforts to assist you in adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and optimizing your quality of life, you will be encouraged and reminded by our team to schedule a Comprehensive Annual Health Assessment, regardless of condition or necessity, each year. This is a comprehensive annual visit, unrelated to any illness or injury. It will include a thorough examination and an appropriate array of screening tests based on age, health status and risk factors. Depending on your particular health situation, additional tests (such as blood tests, a colonoscopy, mammogram, etc.) may be recommended. These will be billed by the performing entity, and you or your insurer will be responsible for payment of these tests. We will use the results of our exam to help you develop a plan for the year to improve health and fitness and to address any new or existing health goals.

Personalized to you. We do not treat patients as numbers or statistics - each visit is individualized to your needs and wants. We will help you manage any chronic conditions in addition to your annual physical.